„There is one thing we are not …

… We are not Israel’s Capital!“ (Tel Avivs Bürgermeister Ron Huldai)

“Shalom! My name is Ron Huldai and I am the mayor of Tel Aviv. The City of Tel Aviv is one of the coolest cities in the world where’s Israel’s financial center and cultural center, but there is one thing, we are not. We are not Israel’s Capital. Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital. It became the Capital 3500 years ago. For centuries Jews all over the world hope to go back to the Holy Land and would pray to be “Next year in Jerusalem”. I want to wish all of our friends in Great Britain successful Olympic Games. When the games are over I wish to invite you all to visit Tel Aviv. Here you will enjoy our sun, beaches, clubs, pub, restaurants, museums and galleries and the warm hospitality of the people of Tel Aviv  and when you are done you are welcome to visit historical and religious sites of the Capital of Israel, Jerusalem!”

(Mehr zum Hintergrund der Aufzeichnung hier)

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