Friedenspartner Abbas ?

„Wir begrüßen [freuen uns über] jeden Tropfen Blut, der in Jerusalem vergossen wird.”

Näheres dazu im Newsletter der Botschaft des Staates Israel vom 21.09.2015.

Das Video ist hier zu finden.


2 Gedanken zu „Friedenspartner Abbas ?

  1. The shedding of blood damages the Divine Image:

    Based on the fact that the soul clothes itself within the body, we can understand the meaning of another enigmatically worded verse, „If the blood of the man shall be spilled by a man, his [the second man’s] blood shall be spilled, for in the image of G-d He made man.“

    In the Torah, the reason given for the prohibition against eating/drinking the blood of any animal is, „For the soul of all flesh is [in] its blood“. (Lev. 17:14) In another place, it is written, „For the blood is the soul.“ (Deut. 12:23) In every case connected with blood, the word that is used for „soul“ is by a man.

    The same applies to man. Man’s Nefesh is said either to be his blood, or in his blood. One way or the other, the Nefesh is directly associated with the blood. Nefesh, as known, is the lowest aspect of the five levels of the soul; the aspect that „comes to rest“ (in Hebrew, „nafash“) in the body.

    Nefesh is thus the link between all the higher aspects of the soul, and the body.

    From the teachings of Rabbi Yitzchak Luria; translated and edited by Moshe Yaakov Wisnefsky

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